Hyrums' Law and Data

My recent reading of Zhamak Dehghani’s Data Mesh has illuminated some remarkable similarities between its principles and the methodologies we’ve been striving to implement at GoCardless, primarily concerning Data Contracts (a valuable book penned by our own Andrew Jones). [Read More]

Teams should own problems, not solutions

In an ever-evolving product development environment, it’s crucial to foster an atmosphere where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrive. In my experience, successful teams are those that focus on owning problems, not solutions. This might seem like an unconventional approach, but understanding its nuances can lead to unprecedented breakthroughs in product... [Read More]

Setting up GitHub Copilot in Emacs

I was invited to the Copilot a long time back, however, I never got round to setting it up since it did not appear to support my IDE of choice. Currently, the docs only specify the following: VS Code Visual Studio JetBrains Neovim [Read More]
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Our Journey with Apache Airflow at GoCardless

At GC, we are deeply committed to efficient, reliable, and scalable data processing and have been using Airflow for several years. Initial users of Airflow were just Business Intelligence team and Data Science, today, there are thirteen teams that use the Airflow instance managed by our team for mission critical... [Read More]